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Who is Kay Norris

Experience Protecting You

Helping my clients decipher the insurance jargon and acronyms. Let’s face it, it can be a very confusing time when you need the right insurance coverage. I enjoy meeting each and every client and breaking down the barrier of insurance confusion.
This journey began over fifteen years ago after serving five years in the Air Force. I served as a Law Enforcement Specialist and spent the majority of my service time in Naples, Italy. Yes, that is a very different career path than where I am today. The path to a career as an insurance broker has ranged from claims adjuster, grievance and appeals analyst, group sales to medicare. All of these steps have brought me a greater wealth of knowledge to help my clients.
In 2011 I decided to break away from corporate life and venture on my own. I didn’t like corporate dictation on how to approach my clients and limitations of what I could offer. As an independent broker I contract with numerous companies and products. This allows me help my clients meet their needs.
Helping each and every client understand their options is my very satisfying. When they express their gratitude of finally understanding this confusing and ever changing industry,  I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to helping you or simply answering your questions.
Kay Norris

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